Karlamuiza Country Hotel

Hidden in Noble Silence


Welcome to Karlamuiza, our 3-star hotel & restaurant, located in the picturesque ancient Amata river valley and the Gaujas National Park. The history of Karla muiza dates back to the mid-18th century and it always has attracted visitors and nature lovers from nearby and afar.  

Hotel & Restaurant


Today, hotel Karlamuiza occupies the old manor's servants’ quarters. Externally, the old building has undergone a few changes, retaining the original elegance and style. The hotel features 10 spacious suites with separate bedrooms and kitchens, equipped with modern appliances. We provide the highest level of service to our guests, making Karlamuiza one of the best accommodations to stay while visiting the areas of Cesis and Sigulda or Gaujas National Park. 

The integral part of the service and hospitality is our restaurant – the country manor kitchen. Here, guests can enjoy lovely meals made, mostly, with local and seasonal ingredients. Besides the spacious dining room, during the summer season, visitors have access to the outside terrace and our ancient apple orchard, as well as Cherry Garden house and picnic areas at the manor's park. 


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Restaurant in your room or apple orchard

Reserve your room and dinner at www.karlamuiza.lv and we will provide 10% discount on dining service and set up a dinner table in your room or apple orchard. 


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Breakfast and dinner in the room

For the safety and comfort of our guests, we deliver breakfast and dinner in the rooms free of charge.

Breakfast is offered every morning from 8:00 to 11:00. Order breakfast when booking a room, or contact us for  the desired time the night before 22:00. The menu is available at www.karlamuiza.lv. Price 9 EUR/pers.

For dinner we offer a 3-course meal. Order dinner when booking a room, or contact us for the number of dinners and the desired time until 16:00. Price 23 EUR/pers.

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