Karlamuiza Country Hotel

Hidden in Noble Silence

Hotel Karlamuiza is the best choice for travellers who are looking for cosy and comfortable accommodation. The quiet and peaceful atmosphere is right not only for those seeking peace but also for visitors who want to explore nature and the historical sights of the Gauja National Park.

We know our neighbourhood very well and can give you a lot of information about the exciting sights around here and tell you the best places and tours to have a great time alone, with your family or in a group of friends. In the short driving distance from the hotel, there are several popular hiking trails and sightseeing destinations, including Zvartes Rock, Araisu Lake Castle Archeological Park, and the city of Cesis. And Amata trail, which starts right from the hotel garden.

Canoe rentals

We offer canoe rentals to explore the beautiful Gauja river and Araisi lake area. We will help you to choose the most appropriate route and transportation to and from the river Gauja and Araisi lake. For your safety and convenience, we provide life jackets and waterproof bags. We also offer guided river and lake tours. During your trip, you will gain new skills, hear interesting stories, and see the most exquisite places.  

Mushroom picking

The mushroom picking season will soon arrive again!  Mushroom picking and autumn delicacies in the Latvian forests.

We offer mushroom-collecting excursion in the forests of Karlamuiza. The mushrooming season usually starts in the second half of August and lasts until mid-October. A variety of mushrooms can be found in the forests. 

The areas where mushrooms grow in abundance are gently sloping, easy to walk on, and covered with moss, fallen leaves, and other small plants. The tour also teaches you how to safely identify them as edible or inedible. The hotel restaurant serves dishes made with mushrooms from the forest, allowing visitors to fully enjoy the autumn flavors of Latvia.



Mountain bikes

In Karlamuiza there is also a chance to explore the area by renting out mountain bikes. By the hour and by day. For your safety and convenience helmets and tire repair kits are also available.
We arrange unforgettable mountain bike tours, where you will get to know interesting places and the picturesque landscape of the Gauja National Park. The routes combine quiet back roads with exciting wilderness trails and hills in the river valleys of the Amata and Gauja. Our tours are also suitable for groups. We will help you choose them according to your fitness level and experience.