Karlamuiza Country Hotel

Hidden in Noble Silence

To explore the beautiful area directly from the water we offer canoe rentals and transportation to and from the river Gauja and Araisi lake and will help you to choose the most appropriate route.  For your safety and convenience, we provide life jackets and water proof bags. Price for the rental of 2-seat canoe is EUR 85 - 95 (depending on the route) and it includes transport to and from the destination. You can reserve the equipment when booking your room or at the hotel reception. We also offer guided river and lake tours, which cost starting EUR 99 a day for a group of 2 – 4 people. During your trip, you will gain new skills, hear interesting stories, and see beautiful places.  

We offer the following routs:  
Route 1: CēsisLīgatne (the river Gauja), water tourist camp Līgatnespārceltuve (~ 4 hours). Distance: 17 km. Price:  EUR 85

Route 2: JāņrāmisCēsis – Līgatne, (the river Gauja), water tourist campLīgatnespārceltuve (~ 5 hours). Distance: 22 km. Price: EUR 95