Karlamuiza Country Hotel

Hidden in Noble Silence

Traditional Sauna (sauna for 1-6 people)

Welcome to our traditional sauna where you can privately relax and enjoy the Latvian sauna ritual. The sauna can accommodate up to 4-6 people. We provide bath towels and tea made with local herbs. 

Imagine – a quiet night, only the peaceful sounds of nature. Surrounded by a beautiful forest – a small, aged cabin, with thick smoke coming from the chimney. The bath rooms made of branches and leaves full of essential oils, soaking, almost ready to use…
Enjoy the steam, lay down, and feel the heat of bath room completely recharge you! But if you prefer, there’s always room for relaxation on the lower bench. Skinny dip in the crisp pond or maybe cool off in the evening dew? Or perhaps, throw yourself in the soft snow? 

Temperature: 50-70 °C
Humidity: 30-50 %
Recommended sauna duration: 10-15 minutes
Repeat: 2-4 x

Enjoy a cup of freshly brewed herbal tea, or maybe a beer? You are certain to have a unique experience, no matter how you choose to enjoy it!
Be our guest! – In the Kārļamuiža sauna, the gazes of strangers won’t trouble you. Here, sauna-goers feel their body and spirit invigorated. You are guaranteed to feel reborn!

We rent the sauna to our guests, as well as people, who are just visiting the area and don't plan to stay overnight. We heat the sauna with firewood for up to 5 hours to get nice steam.

Sensual Sauna with Sauna Masters

The Sensual Sauna helps people to release accumulated stress, rejuvenate their energy, unlock their senses and open their Soul, allowing them to see and hear what was previously undiscovered. One becomes one with nature, listens to the silence and forgets the passage of time, lying under the pine trees on a hay bale, wrapped in blankets, listening to the birds singing or gazing at the starry sky.

The sauna rituals are tailored to each person individually and their duration depends on the number of persons and their needs.

Before going to the sauna, make sure that your health allows it - whether you can heat up, enjoy contrast treatments (after the heat-up, you immerse in a pond) or enjoy massages.

  • gives you a break from the everyday rush
  • cleanses the body and mind
  • reduces stress and emotional tension
  •  restores energy and inner balance
  • gives the peace of nature

Traditional Sauna ritual with Sauna Master (1-4 persons)

The sauna ritual lasts approximately 4 to 6 hours, depending on the number of persons.  We start the sauna with a gentle warm-up, the gentle rustling of the whisks. After a short tea break, a scrub massage follows. First we warm up our bodies with a light whisking, then we rub them with a scrub made from Himalayan salt and dried herbs. After the scrub, we soak in a pond, then warm up and relax outside on hay mattresses in blanket bundles. After resting and drinking tea, we take a dip in the pond, warm up again and sleep outside. Finally, a honey massage in a warm sauna with warm honey.

Sauna Masterclass

The sauna ritual lasts about 2 to 4 hours, depending on the number of people. The sauna master shows and teaches how to properly self-examine yourself.  We start the Sauna with a gentle warm-up, a gentle rustling of the whisks. After a short tea break, a scrub massage follows. First we warm up our bodies with a light whisking, then the bath attendant shows and teaches us how to rub ourselves with a scrub made from salt and dried herbs. After the scrubbing, we all soak together in the pond. A short warm-up and a cup of tea follow. After a rest, a bath.  Then it's back to soaking in the pond, warming up and relaxing with a cup of tea.