Karlamuiza Country Hotel

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The River Gauja

The river Gauja winds along less than 5km away from the hotel “Kārļamuiža”. It is the most beautiful river in Vidzeme and indeed Latvia, beginning in Piebalga in the middle of Vidzeme. The Gauja is the only one of Latvia’s large rivers to begin and end in Latvia. The total length is 460 kilometres, from which one fifth, or 93.5 kilometres, is within Gauja National Park. In Gauja National Park, the river flows through a 1-2.5 kilometre broad ancient valley which is at its deepest around Sigulda at 85 meters. The nature typical to the area is best enjoyed by travelling down the river by canoe.

The ancient Gauja valley, as seen by boat, was formed by melting glacial waters 12-13 thousand years ago. Meanwhile, the orange and yellow Devonian sandstone which decorates the river banks is much older having formed 300-370 million years ago. The Gauja quickly changes course and loops around, which is why it is known as a sly, cunning river. In the places where the cliffs hang over the water, there are overhangs and falls carved out by the current.

Enjoy a canoe journey along the Gauja!

Canoes are safe, easy to paddle, and large enough for two or three travellers and their belongings to feel comfortable.
“Kārļamuiža” offers canoe rental and transportation to its guests. We also offer guided river and lake tours. During your trip, you will gain new skills, hear interesting stories, and see the most exquisite places.