Karlamuiza Country Hotel

Hidden in Noble Silence

Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree. - Martin Luther

The apple gardens characterise the landscape of the Hotel “Kārļamuiža”. Every traveller will notice scattered and groomed, yet sometimes overgrown "apple orchard islands" and blooming dendrological plantations, such as acacia, lilac, Hungarian and Amur lilac, barberries, ivy, jasmine or filadelfu, peonies, spiraea, roses and hazel. Old apple orchards and dendrological plantations show the traces of one of the largest nature nurseries of the 19th century, and the first gardening school in the Baltics. The horizon of the garden is astounding, and even more so if you plan your visit during the blossoming or apple harvest period.

In the spring, the old orchard and the surrounding scenery is beautifully ornamented by enchanting apple blossoms. The flowering time of the apple trees is around the last two weeks of May, and this period is seen as especially magical and uplifting. Just imagine, apple trees in white, cream-coloured and pink flower clouds! In this special atmosphere, we organize events in the apple garden- hammocks are hung up, garden tables and chairs are laid out, and barbecue utensils are waiting to be used!

In the autumn, when the branches bend from the weight of the juicy apples, on the last weekend of September, we organize an annual apple harvest festival in which anyone can participate. On the first half of the day, the participants harvest the apples, and later on, we freshly juice the gathered fruit. In the evening, we invite you to enjoy a fabulous meal.

The gardens were created by Count Emanuel von Ziverss and his son Count Alexander von Ziverss in the 1870s. We have been inspired by the achievements of the past and continue to preserve and care for these mature apple trees, as well as restoring the historic manor landscape park plantations. Over 100 different kinds of apple trees grow in the apple orchards of the hotel. You will able to see and taste old apple varieties such as “Antonovka”, “White Transparent” (Baltais Dzidrais), “Korobovka” (Cukuriņš), “Kovaļevskaja”, “Livonian Gravenstein” (Vidzemes Grāvenšteins), “Revel Pearapple” (Rēveles bumbierābols), “Ribston pepin”, “Riga Milk”, “Riga Roseapple” (Rīgas rožābols), “Red Gravenstein”, “Trebu”, “Susleipa Rose”, “Vidzemes large onion” (Vidzemes lielais sīpoliņš), “Vidzemes golden renete” (Vidzemes zelta renete) etc. These particular varieties, amongst others, were grown in the 19th century Kārļi manor's pomological garden.

You are welcome to visit our Old apple orchard.
The Old apple orchard is open from May 1st – October 31st for all visitors every day, including Saturdays and Sundays.