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Within the Gauja National Park, 13 rivers flow into the Gauja River as well as many more small creeks and streams. The tributaries and small rivers throughout the Gauja National Park are fast-flowing rivers. The Amata River is the longest and one of the fastest flowing Gauja tributaries. The Amata Hiking Trail extends along the river’s right bank, offering the opportunity to get to know and enjoy the area’s unique nature. The clean currents, rapids and their banks are home to many of Europe’s rare species.

Amata trail

The Amata Trail in the Gauja National Park is an incredible place for walks and nature discovery, exploring one of Latvia’s deepest river valleys. The hiking trail invites you to discover the River Amata, one of the cleanest, roughest, and most rapid tributaries of the River Gauja. The river’s name is taken from the Livonian word “Amada” meaning “rapid”.

The Amata Trail is an excellent location for hiking, relaxation and nature studies. The River Amata flows through an ancient valley with steep (up to 45m high) sandstone and dolomite banks. The banks allow us to examine the past of planet earth as far as 350-400 million years ago when the area of Latvia was covered by the sea. The 12-21km long trail and 6-8-hour long walk will allow you to enjoy the purity of nature and rock formations from the Devonian period. The ancient valley of the Amata is one of the deepest and most unique of Vidzeme’s river valleys.

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How to enjoy the Amata trail?

The trail extends along the right bank of the River Amata, from the Vidzeme highway bridge next to Melturi along the “Kārļamuiža Country Hotel” and Zvartes rock up to the tourist rest stop near the Veclauci bridge on Karli-Ligatne road. The Amata Trail consists of several stages.

The first stage spans from Melturi bridge to the hotel territory. At this stage, some of the tree trunks are marked with orange paint, but the trail is not development. This stage of the trail is complicated and suited only for experienced lovers of nature.

The second stage of the trail extends from Karli to Zvartes rock. We recommend starting your hike from the “Karlamuiza Country Hotel”. Hikers may come by car or by foot, and you may leave your vehicle in the hotel parking lot. We recommend arranging for transportation at the end of the trail or asking the hotel personnel to provide a ride back. From the hotel, the trail goes through the Karlamuiza landscape park and along the right bank of the river Amata, from Ainavu precipice to Zvartes rock.

The third stage of the trail goes from Zvartes rock to Veclauci bridge.

The Amata Trail is not suitable for bicycles.

Download a free trail map and description.